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09.09.02 - Changed the layout slightly, to make room for all the exciting new content

08.09.02 - Lesson 6 up and running.

06.09.02 - Lesson 5 written and up. Lesson 6 probably arriving after the weekend.

05.09.02 - Lesson 4 is in place and I'm currently working on 5 and 6. I really need to do something other than these lessons, too.

01.09.02 - Right, the first three HTML lessons are up. Any comments on them will be gratefully received. See the link below.

04.08.02 - Well, its about time I actually wrote something in this. Currently I've been side - tracked by various "prettifying" devices such as cascading style sheets and DHTML toys. From now on I'll concentrate on content. What's that going to be, I hear you ask. Well, a pretty varied bunch really. From basic c/c++ tutorials to various artistic ventures, I'm sure to have something for everyone. At least, that's my aim. If you have any suggestions you can mail me at [email protected]

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