Normallacy generally extends to the prevention of shouting by anyone, through use of more shouting.
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the colonpipes a comic of random randomness - now with added roughness
Rough face o' doom. DAN ACKROYDISM!

This is a webcomic. Sort of. It's purely random. The first three frames are generated from a selection of random frames, and tacked together in (hopefully) a humourous fashion.

There're a few frames created by Miek in the style of Roughing It, just to keep it...surreal.

This used to be on the front page, but I replaced it with the Jelly Bean Generator. So yes.

All content is © Russ Gawthorpe, 2003 and all subsequent years, unless otherwise credited. (and/or and/or whatever other interim names we decide to call this unmitigated heap of digital detritus) is a collective work, all contributors are credited where possible. No unauthorised duplication, lest ye be smitten with a mighty walrus. Fear the walrus, for he is not your friend.

This page was generated in the time it takes for chocolate to melt on Jupiter.

So. You're reading the bit at the bottom again. how about I suggest some things you could be doing instead? Then, when you get to the end of the paragraph, you can feel vaguely fulfilled and perhaps even go out and do one or all of them? Or you can just think "Hey, he's just knocking off ideas from Monkey Island!", but it's all good in the end. Anyhow, why not wash the car, or buy some groceries? Donate someone's body to science! Invent a new way to varnish wood! Learn a new language! Learn two new languages! Find some bugs! Then race 'em! Kill the losers.

This webpage best viewed with a monitor resolution of 9x2 and a depth of 12 fathoms. A web browser is recommended, but not entirely necessary.

Some random words to make the search engines freak out:
Saggitarius Stroodle! Garlic Mungbean! Serendipitous Tutu! Abnormal Finch! Mongbotty Organist! Sputnik Charmer! Lilliputian Spectator! Nipple Garnish! Splade Turnip! Funk Delicious! Gosling Batter! Chip Supreme! Retentive Scorpion! Sardine Wrangler! Aerodynamic Kumquat!