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These used to be housed in the left-hand menu, but the thing was getting to be about nine miles long, so they've been hacked off the bottom and placed here. If you'd like to see your link attached here, head on over to the e-mail form and tell me all about it.
A humour website owned and operated by Benjamin "Yahtzee" Croshaw, author of a small bundle of AGS adveture games, including Five Days A Stranger and its sequel, Seven Days A Skeptic. Also features about eleventy squillion telephone directories worth of updates, reviews, essays, and assorted other crap. Enjoy.
Possibly (one of) the best site(s) on the internet. An article-based exploration of all things kitsch and nostalgic, and all things weird, pop-cult-related, edible and out-of-date. Genius.

Michael Bluejay
An extremely content-rich site dedicated to (as far as I can tell) whatever crosses Mr. Bluejay's mind. Also features sister-sites dealing with the history of Ben Folds Five, bicycling in Austin TX and the laws associated therewith and an abundance of other material.

Alterian Legends
BK's roleplay site. This is linked here for no reason I can fathom, but hey. I like to provide a service to the community.

Seans Duffy and Lucy join forces to assault the internet with various..uh..stuff.

The Searian 'blog
It's like a direct connection into Sean's brain. BRAIN, I tell you.

Featherless Bipeds
Webcomic of immense proportions as pioneered by the other Sean. Well, as well as one can "pioneer" the idea of sprite-based comics.

Original Sub-Par Comics
Mike Hannings original foray guessed it, sprite-based comics.

Rant Morgan
Features mostly "how-to" guides on various humourous subjects. Enjoy.
Nicki's website of poetry and what-have-you.

The Rotten Library
A sorely under-advertised part of the internet featuring an abundance of well-written, informative and amusing articles on a variety of subjects including pop culture, medicine, the occult, celebrities and terrorists. Seriously, don't be put off by the "" part, this is a seriously fascinating library of information.

The Australian Rock Database
This is a Swedish (?) website dedicated to Australian rock music. It's also the site I check artists against to make sure they're welcome on the ozmidi archive page.

The Onion
The pique of news satire on the internet.

Australian geek-humour site geared towards sci-fi and fantasy TV shows, particularly the likes of Star Trek.

Home of the delightful story "I gave my cat an enema".

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So. You're reading the bit at the bottom again. how about I suggest some things you could be doing instead? Then, when you get to the end of the paragraph, you can feel vaguely fulfilled and perhaps even go out and do one or all of them? Or you can just think "Hey, he's just knocking off ideas from Monkey Island!", but it's all good in the end. Anyhow, why not wash the car, or buy some groceries? Donate someone's body to science! Invent a new way to varnish wood! Learn a new language! Learn two new languages! Find some bugs! Then race 'em! Kill the losers.

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