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Webmaster and overall God:
- Datazoid.

Graphics, occasional web design, Roughery artiste,
- fraxyl.

Occasional Brutally Honest Movie Reviewer:
- Gremmi.

Dead On Arrival:
- Flatline.

Megaman Manipulator, Occasional Bannerist, now owns half the forum:
- PD Natch.

Irregular Regular, Occasional Scriptmonkey, Vodkamobile Chauffer:
- Evil Space Llama / Typo.

Resident poltergeist:
- Raybrush ThreepDroid.

Random inspiration:
- Beastie.

Rohr des Doppelpunktes:
- Norman The Colonpipe.

- Russ "Meh" Gawthorpe,
- Michael "Leem" Lander,
- Chris "Flat Pickled Cap" Grapes,
- Derek "Black Nipples" Hartley.

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- Tracey Parker,
- Russ Gawthorpe.

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Disclaimer and copyright:
This website is here for the purpose of entertainment. If anyone is offended by anything within the webspace this site is contained on, I take no responsibility for it. In fact, if you are, you're probably a complete prude and have difficulty walking down crowded streets.

All content with exception to that contained within the directories "fraxyl", "brutallyhonest" and "flatline" or subject to ownership by the appropriately credited authorities is © 2002, Russell Gawthorpe. Any duplication without prior express permission is not permitted.

Many portions of this website contain quoted text from selected online personas ("chatclassics", "flat pickled cap", "flat pickled glossary"). Said quotations are always credited unless the original author is unknown. If any quoted persons wish their contributions removed, please e-mail the appropriate request and it shall be made so.

The posts and comments contained within Rafters and the comments pages of home are the opinions and property of those who posted, and do not represent the opinions of, or its operators.

I don't know if this has any legal bearings as an actual "privacy policy", as this website isn't really in the position to have one, but there are a few parts of this site that may collect personal information (or at worst your e-mail address), so I figure I should say something about it.

Rafters requires a valid e-mail address for you to register. It's necessary for the forum to send out an automated confirmation e-mail before your account is activated. This is to stop robotic registration on the forum. The forum is configured so that any e-mail exchanged between forum members is sent through the forum itself and kept confidential.

Occasionally, mass e-mails will be sent out from the Rafters forum to the e-mail addresses users use to register. According to the Spam Act of 2004 (Australian), this is not considered spam as the e-mail addresses used were supplied with consent.

The Rafters Photo Album is publicly available and non-members are able to view photos posted in it.

The comments feature on the main updates USED to display publicly the e-mail address supplied with any given post, in the absence of a URL. This is no longer the case. E-mail addresses provided are stored in the database for our reference, should a comment require a response via e-mail. It's optional to include an e-mail address with your comments, anyway.

We take no responsibility for e-mail addresses left "out in the open", i.e. within the body of messages, comments or forum posts.

Under no circumstances will ever give away or sell e-mail addresses. So there.

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<A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="" WIDTH="88" HEIGHT="31" BORDER="0" ALT=" - where apathy gets you everywhere" ></A> <A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="" WIDTH="88" HEIGHT="31" BORDER="0" ALT=" - where apathy gets you everywhere"></A> New artsy-fartsy buttons to allow you to link to Please be sure to actually link to with the button. Just in case you're a moron or something.





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<A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="" WIDTH="88" HEIGHT="31" BORDER="0" ALT=" - where apathy gets you everywhere"></A> A small army of alternatives appear below, you can discern the URL for these yourself and stick it in place of the URL in the above HTML. You can do it! You're 'net savvy!





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All content is © Russ Gawthorpe, 2003 and all subsequent years, unless otherwise credited. Don't steal our stuff, or we'll maul you with our fearsome gonad.

This page was generated in the eustachean tubes of a camel.

So. You're reading the bit at the bottom again. how about I suggest some things you could be doing instead? Then, when you get to the end of the paragraph, you can feel vaguely fulfilled and perhaps even go out and do one or all of them? Or you can just think "Hey, he's just knocking off ideas from Monkey Island!", but it's all good in the end. Anyhow, why not wash the car, or buy some groceries? Donate someone's body to science! Invent a new way to varnish wood! Learn a new language! Learn two new languages! Find some bugs! Then race 'em! Kill the losers.

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Saggitarius Stroodle! Garlic Mungbean! Serendipitous Tutu! Abnormal Finch! Mongbotty Organist! Sputnik Charmer! Lilliputian Spectator! Nipple Garnish! Splade Turnip! Funk Delicious! Gosling Batter! Chip Supreme! Retentive Scorpion! Sardine Wrangler! Aerodynamic Kumquat!