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In his unending quest to plagiarise every single thing that stands as good and decent about the internet, Datazoid proudly ventures toward Chefelf's very own Extinct Beverage Museum. Besides, Datazoid is on a different continent. Datazoid has access to beverages Chefelf does not. Datazoid also speaks often in the third person, it seems. Anyhow. Fanfare ahoy!

Extinct Beverage Reviews

Beverage Title!

Recharge by Sprite

Tagline: "Energises & Refreshes."
Manufacturer: Coca Cola Amatil, New Zealand.
Website: The drink doesn't specifically have a website. I searched fairly thoroughly through both Coca Cola Australia and Coca Cola New Zealand's websites, but found no mention of Recharge by Sprite. Somehow this does not surprise me.
Magical Contents: It touts itself as an "energy drink charged with guarana, ginseng and B vitamins".
Click here for information on these ingredients.
Medical Warnings: "Not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women or individuals sensitive to caffeine.""
Volume: Can; 300ml.
Daily Dosage: "Consume no more than 4 cans per day". I think, so far, this is the highest amount you're "allowed" to consume of any one energy drink I've reviewed. Which to me, says the stuff is as weak as piss. Blue piss, no less.
Nutritional Info: Appears to be second only to V for the amount of energy provided by one can, which is startling considering it contains less "magical ingredients" than most other drinks. Also, this suggests to me that Sprite Recharge, or Recharge by Sprite, or whatever the hell it's called, is loaded primarily with sugar.

Ingredient Graph for idiots Amount per 100ml
Energy 42cal
Carbohydrates 10.1g
Sugars 10.1g
Chemicals Amount per 100ml
Caffeine 20mg
Thiamin (B1) 0.2mg
Niacin (B3) 1.0mg

Beverage Bottle, glass
I apologise for the poor quality of these photos. That aside, yes, it's really blue.

To the eye:
It's, um, turquoise. I was not expecting turquoise. I've had this stuff before, and all I can recall is that it tasted pretty horrible, so seeing it outside the can was something of a surprise. Sprite Recharge bottles are coated, head-to-toe, in opaque labels, so even the glass containers provide no hint as to the blue-ness hiding inside. It remains carbonated for a great length of time, also.

Also worth noting is that the Sprite Recharge cans are exorbitantly lengthy, containing an extra inch of aquamarine goodness. I postulate that a further inch is required to provide the same amount of fluid as in a regular shaped can.

Beverage closeup
It's freakin' blue.

To the nose:
It does not have a strong odour. It vaguely stinks of medicine and vitamins, which is odd as it does not seem to contain the usual myriad vitamins these drinks boast.

To the mouth:
It tastes quite medicinal. There's a good portion of earthy vitamin flavours hiding behind it, and there's a zing of something slightly anaesthetic, possibly mint.

And a little while after:
The anaesthetic taste/sensation continues, leaving an aftertaste of nothing but medication. I have a suspicion someone switched the vats of genuine Sprite Recharge with Listerine while the Coca Cola folk weren't looking, because quite frankly, it tastes like mouthwash.

It's blue, tastes like mouthwash and remains fizzy for great lengths of time. Other than that, it's pretty morbid stuff.

One word summary*:

* Like I said, plagiarising everything.

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