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In his unending quest to plagiarise every single thing that stands as good and decent about the internet, Datazoid proudly ventures toward Chefelf's very own Extinct Beverage Museum. Besides, Datazoid is on a different continent. Datazoid has access to beverages Chefelf does not. Datazoid also speaks often in the third person, it seems. Anyhow. Fanfare ahoy!

Extinct Beverage Reviews

First, this:

A Mini-Encyclopedia
Here's a listing of the various shit they put in these drinks, what said shit is supposed to do for you - and wherever it's possible to find out - whether it actually does what it's meant to.

Energy Statistics:
The following chart lists the energy content of the reviewed drinks, along with a quick summary of their flavour. It's interesting to note that taste is immediately affected by the amount of energy-inclusive ingredients the makers stuff into the beverages. Vitamin B is the killer, really, as it tastes like shit and requires ridiculous amounts of strongly flavoured additives to mask it's horrid flavour. Coke and Pepsi are added as a benchmark.

Beverage: Energy content (per 100ml): Tastes:
Red Eye: Gold 63cal like Dettol.
Fanta Spider: Choc Orange 48cal really odd.
Pepsi Cola 47cal Pepsi.
Red Bull 46cal like vomit.
Schweppes Pink Lemonade 46cal like strawberry milk.
V 45.5cal really fruity.
Red Eye: Extreme 45cal quite pleasant.
Red Eye: Platinum 45cal pretty good.
Red Eye: Plus 45cal quite nice.
Coca Cola 43cal Coke.
Recharge by Sprite 42cal horrible.
Go Fast 37cal fucking vile.

Reviews so far:

Red Eye Extreme

Red Eye Platinum

Red Eye Plus

Red Eye Gold


Recharge by Sprite

Red Bull

Fanta Spider:
Choc Orange

Go Fast

Pink Lemonade
More to come.

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